Intense Voltage Electrical Ltd.

About Intense Voltage Electrical Ltd.

Intense Voltage Electrical is an experienced team with qualified staff and professionals. Whether your project is a new house, a renovation, or a commercial upgrade, Intense Voltage Electrical can alter any installations within a timely and professional manner. Let us signify our qualified team to help you deliver the best possible outcome!

We offer a variety of services with amazing features to meet all your electrical needs. Here are some of the special features of our service:

  • With the Custom Scheduling option, you can schedule our visit according to your needs.
  • In case of an emergency, we provide a lightning-fast, Quick Response service.
  • Our highly qualified electricians use the Latest Technology and tools to make the whole process faster and better.
  • We always maintain the Safety Standards to make sure you can have peace of mind in the years to come.
  • All the electrical parts we use are of the highest quality and they come with a warranty from the manufacturer.