Intense Voltage Electrical Ltd.

Residential Electrical Services

Our team of highly qualified and licensed electricians provides a wide variety of services to cover all your residential needs. Regardless of the scale of the project, you can expect top-class service from us for all kinds of minor and major work. Our work is always excellent, and we take special care while working to make sure that the beautiful look of your house isn’t compromised. We understand how electrical problems can be frustrating; give us a call for an amazing service that wouldn’t give you any headaches in the future.

Custom Homes and Renovations

Dependable electricians for your amazing custom homes and tricky renovations. We understand the effort that goes into planning and building a custom home. Our team of electricians is fully equipped with the knowledge and tools required to complete an amazing job for your custom home.

Renovating a house also requires a great deal of planning, and to execute your plans properly, you need someone with a great deal of expertise in this field. With Intense Voltage Electrical, you can be sure that your electrical renovations are going to be perfect.

Panel Upgrades

Not sure if you need a panel upgrade or not? Give us a call, we’ll take a look and advise you accordingly.

Do I need a panel upgrade?

Electrical panels a.k.a. Breaker Boxes do not need an upgrade very often. However, there are a lot of situations when upgrading your panel is an absolute necessity:-

  • If you have installed numerous appliances in the house that draw a lot more power, you need a breaker box with higher capacity.
  • If your panel is too hot, too old, or trips too often, you need an upgrade as soon as possible.

In any case, if you are doubtful, give us a call today and get your panel inspected by a professional electrician because a bad panel can be a serious safety concern.

Home Automation

Efficient home automation for all kinds of homes. Automate everything from lighting to entertainment. Control everything with your voice or an app on your phone. Make your home look the way you want with a ton of customization options.

The home automation systems we use also make everything work more efficiently and reduce energy consumption. Change the look of your house according to you the time of the day while saving electricity at the same time.

EV Charger Installation

Charge your Electric Vehicle at home with a lightning-fast EV Charging Station. The world is going green, more and more people are switching to electric vehicles. Get an EV charger installed at hour home so that your car is always fully charged and ready to go.

Our team will also teach you how to use your amazing new charging system. Whether you just need one charger installed at home, or you need multiple charging stations installed at your workspace, call us today and we will answer all your questions about EV Chargers.

LED and Fluorescent Lighting

Beautiful lighting that brings out the features of your house. Get the right type of lighting for your home that matches your style. Whether you are looking to upgrade the lighting of a single room or the entire house, Intense Voltage Electrical can help you find the perfect lighting solution for your space.

The final look of your house depends extensively on the type of lighting you choose. Our team of electricians will study all the rooms in your house and come up with a perfect lighting plan that makes your beautiful house look even better.

Pool and Hot Tub power work

Safe and secure power work for your pool and hot tub. All the power work for your swimming pool needs to be done by professionals who specialize in this type of work. Our team at Intense Voltage Electrical consists of expert electricians who possess extensive knowledge of this type of power work. These electricians have handled many such projects in their careers.

In such projects, the safety of our clients always remains our number one priority. After completing such projects, our team will thoroughly inspect the quality of the work to ensure your safety.