Intense Voltage Electrical Ltd.

Commercial Electrical Services

We provide many high-quality services for different kinds of commercial establishments. From regular maintenance to major renovations, our team can handle all the needs of your commercial space. We provide quick solutions to all your electrical problems while following all the regulations, guidelines, and building codes. We provide long-lasting solutions to your electrical problems while taking all the necessary steps to ensure your safety. Contact us today for any type of electrical service for your business property.

Strata Electrical Services

Hire skilled electricians to manage all the electrical work related to your strata units. Modern strata units require expert electricians who can handle different types of work. Our team possesses the skills required to handle all types of complicated electrical work related to strata.

We handle the electrical work of many such strata units on a permanent basis, so you can trust us to deliver amazing results. We understand the complexities of such electrical systems and our team is fully equipped to fix everything in a timely and efficient manner.

Corporate/Office Buildings

Affordable and effective Lighting installations, electrical upgrades, and repair work for office buildings. Lighting plays an important role in creating a positive environment at a workplace. So get rid of those boring old-fashioned lights and get something that makes your office look more professional.

We also provide other electrical services for office buildings such as equipment installation, electrical upgrades, and renovations. From wiring a newly built building to fixing minor or major electrical faults, whatever is your requirement, just give us a call and we’ll fix your problems in no time.

Industrial Complex

Optimizing power consumption and fixing all types of electrical issues for industrial complexes. You need a team of expert electricians to handle all the electrical issues at an industrial complex. Our team has worked on many such large-scale projects and has gained the experience that is required to handle high voltage electricity and heavy machinery. Following are some of the services we provide for industrial complexes:-

  • Optimizing power consumption
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Bringing your complex up to the mark with safety regulations
  • Wiring and panel upgrades

Tenant Improvements

Improve your residential or commercial space occupied by the tenants. Some minor upgrades to a tenant-occupied space can increase its value and generate more income for you. Spending on such upgrades is an investment that pays off in the future.

The safety of the people living in your space is also very important. Your building must be in line with all the codes and guidelines. Regular maintenance can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Maintenance and improvement is an ongoing process that increases the value of your property.

Electrical Maintenance

Get all your electrical problems fixed by skilled electricians. From minor problems like a plug not working to major electrical faults, we can fix all your problems at reasonable rates. Electrical maintenance includes a variety of services such as:-

  • Preventing Major Problems - By regularly fixing minor problems, we prevent major faults. This is a very effective strategy that ensures smooth operation in your commercial space.
  • Repairing - From a small switch to major wiring issues, if anything goes bad, we repair it. We understand the importance of time, so we make sure our repair work is fast and effective.
  • Upgrades – Upgrading the lights, panels, equipment, switches, signs, etc. is also a part of maintenance. This includes both cosmetic as well as practical upgrades.

Fire Alarm

High-quality smoke detectors and fire alarms to protect your life and property. Fire alarms are an absolute necessity these days. The fire alarms and smoke detectors we use are of the highest quality. While we plan everything from the type of lighting to the security systems, special attention also needs to be paid to fire alarms and smoke detectors. Don’t buy cheaper smoke detectors as they can stop working after some time.

If you want to get fire alarms and smoke detectors installed in your existing property or new construction, don’t wait any longer, and contact us today.